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Happy Holidays!


I send year-end greetings and hope this finds you healthy and happy!

Here in the USA, it's been a time of great change and emotional upheaval and yet I feel the time is ripe with blessings and new beginnings. In my heart I sense that almost everything up to now has been a kind of practice and that my best work is still to come. I'm hopeful that many of you feel this way too.

This is precisely the time when artists go to work.
There is no time for despair, no place for self-pity,
no need for silence, no room for fear.
We speak, we write, we do language.
That is how civilizations heal.

- Toni Morrison

After 15 years of almost non-stop activity as singer, director, producer and coach, I took time off from the performing life in 2016 to focus on my writing and to avail myself of new opportunities and explorations inside and outside the arts. I've met splendid people in my travels this year who have inspired my prose, poetry and song-making and fueled my imagination. 2017 will see my return to the stage in new collaborations with artists from different worlds. Stay tuned...

For the history buffs among you, I invite you out to Long Island University/CWPost Campus in the first week of the new year, and to the Hutton House Lecture Series where I will give a two-part survey of the history of cabaret. The Tenth Muse: Cabaret from Monmartre to Manhattan takes place on January 6 and 13 from 1-3pm and is open to the public. For information and to register, call 516-299-2580 after Dec. 9. Joyfully I return to LIU/Post where 33 years ago I met the love of my life while we were both students there and where, in 2007, we endowed the world's first (and still only) collegiate scholarship in the cabaret arts.

At year's end I reflect on how many luminous artists left us in 2016: David Bowie, Prince, Leon Russell, Natalie Cole, Muhammad Ali, Alan Rickman, Gene Wilder, and the list goes on. The one whom I've long considered to be the only living "mentor" for my craft, Leonard Cohen, passed on Nov. 7 at the age of 82. Below is a poem I wrote the moment I heard the news. Cohen was ordained as a Zen Buddhist monk back in 1996 and given the Dharma name of Jikan (Silent One).

~ for Leonard Cohen (1934-2016) 

I am not sad today
Goodbye Jikan
To hear you’re on your way
Goodbye Jikan
You took your life and modeled to me living, loving, dying
If I said that I was mourning now you know that I’d be lying
What singer mourns a poem anyhow.

You are my tower of song
Goodbye Jikan
Your words inside of me will carry on
Goodbye Jikan
There is no end to love, we know, no end to any dancing
Promise you'll send news about this latest great romancing
Your finest verse perhaps, my dear Jikan

And so I am not sad today
I’m really rather glad today
The sea has freed a sailor, yeah
Godspeed Jikan


In this season of giving, a shout-out goes to my favorite audience member of all. The one who's been cherring me on from the wings, the balcony and all points betweem for more than two decades - my very own pot dealer, Robert MacLean "Mac" Kohler. I wouldn't have the career I do were it not for his steadfast devotion and shared passion for cabaret. I'm proud and excited to cheer him as he continues to launch his own creation - the first line of American-made copper cookware in a generation. Check out this video for some of the story and how he built his team.

I hope you'll consider adding Brooklyn Copper Cookware to your kitchen this holiday season, and gifting it to someone you love.

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Karen Kohler
                                at Irondale, 2015

   In concert at Irondale Center, Brooklyn, NY

"As cosmopolitan a work of musical theater as I can remember."

S. HoldenThe New Tork Times

"A tour de force performance."
S. Hanks

L. O'Neil,
 The Washington Post

"A daring performance... highly original."
B. Leavy,
 Cabaret Scenes

"The best band I've heard this year!"
D. Noh,
 Gay City News

"Two of the most accomplished exponents of the art of cabaret, KT Sullivan and Karen Kohler have joined forces for a stunning act."
T. Vallance
, ClassicalSource, London

"Karen Kohler is instrumental in maintaining an interest in the roots of the European cabaret tradition and an inspiration to all who perform it."
F.J. Weston,

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