Workshop – “Walk of Life: A Month of Memoir Writing & Storytelling” (Mondays in August)

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From Karen’s Lifecraft series ~


This experiential series combines memoir writing with spoken word storytelling. We welcome folks of various ages who want to dip into the ocean of their experience and pull up pearls of wisdom using a variety of storytelling techniques like journaling, free writing, and dialoguing in partnership, small and large group contexts.

Week 1 – In Self Harvest, we survey the pinnacle moments of our lives in each decade.
Week 2 – In Story Chord, we discover the common thread of belief, values and passions that courses through our experiences.
Week 3 – In Walk of Life, we revisit our professions, careers and roles to reveal what these have so far taught us about the art of living.
Week 4 – In What Will They Say at My Funeral, we affirm each other’s journeys and see where we may yet make changes and fulfill dreams. Those who wish can present their eulogies aloud to the class.

✔️ FORMAT: 4 Sessions, 2 hours each.

✔️ DATES: Mondays in August (7th, 14th, 21st, 28th) from 3:30 – 5:30pm

✔️ INSTRUCTIONS TO STUDENTS: Please bring your journal or diary and a pen to each class.

✔️ FEE: $88/person

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