Salon FIN

I’m thrilled to unveil a new series of intimate gatherings, Salon FIN, filmed with and without an audience in provocative locales that I uncover in my travels. Wherever I discover a beautiful artist or room or instrument or ambience and voilá! I will bring the art of the intimate to you. Sung, spoken, recited, acted, danced, rendered.

Today, in this virtual world of ours, FIN (pronounced as in the French la fin), is a salon. A place where I gather my favorite artists of life for a spirited face-to-face exchange, live and alive.

I have a history with this name dating back to 1999 and the  fin de siècle when I was transitioning from Austin to Brooklyn and seizing the spirit of a new millennium. I took the pseudonym, Fin, when I began modeling for painters, photographers and film-makers two decades ago. In that case it’s short for Finesse.

Check my Events calendar and join me for Salon FIN. It’s the living end!