In the wound is the medicine.
—Karen Kohler

It pleases me greatly to share my writing with the world alongside my singing. Like so many artists, I’ve filled countless journals with my experiences of living and loving large.

I’ve written poems and dabbled with song lyrics mostly just for me and just for fun. As a singer by profession, I frequently translate the words of the world’s great lyricists and poets back and forth between English and German. Striving to maintain the original meaning while coming up with a sing-able rhyme scheme has been excellent practice for me in finding my own voice as a writer through the music that lives in the words themselves.


I chose the hawk as the guardian of these writing pages. One first appeared to me in 1997 around the time of the tragic death of a member of my team at Whole Foods Market home office in Austin, providing solace and perspective. Twenty years later, as I dealt with a near-death experience of my own, the hawk has re-emerged in my life as guardian, it seems. It is my spirit animal and makes many appearances throughout this site with its feather doubling as a quill.

The act of writing by hand is a source of deep pleasure for me; I too have my favorite paper and pen. I hope that we humans preserve and pass on this intimate form of self-discovery and key to engagement, even as our digital keys take us ever closer to the stars.

  • In 2017, I self-published my writing under my newly-minted SUMYA PRESS, named for the lead character in my first novella, a modern fable called The Corpses. My first book of poetry, Petrichor, was published in 2019. Both are available through my bookstore at
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