My guided meditations for artists are about unpacking stories, beliefs and myths. As teacher, I incorporate them into my private mentoring & workshops.




In support of your path of discovery and awakening, and to complement your practice of centering yourself, I invite you to listen to my Artist Heart Guided Meditations. The inspiration for them came on Jan 15, 2017 (MLK Day) after I’d completed my morning practice and wondered what meditations were out there for artists to help us navigate the stuckness, stiffness, doubt, fear, anxiety, wonder and worry that we experience. I found the pickings lean.

It feels especially gratifying to use my instrument in this way. Writing inspirational scripts, and recording my prose and poetry, brings together a few red threads for me. At the Center for Culture and Consciousness in New Delhi, where I was artist in-residence in 2011, is where I first experienced the deep benefits of yoga and meditation as a daily practice.

This guidance comes from my artist heart directly to yours. May it serve your epic journey.

Life-changing concept right here.


JayBay, Edgewood, MD
Holy + simple.


Alle, Mumbai, India

Amazing! There are no words to expound… you’re words became an existence of their own. They live.


Kitrina, West Lake Hills, TX

Everyone should hear this.


Lauren, Carrollton, TX
Words fail me to describe my feelings having heard this prayer. Thank you!


Gabriella, Lawrenceville, GA
Totally different approach to fear. Loved it!


Nadja, The Hague
Wonderful, delightful meditation…I have been stuck in my painting and haven’t picked up a brush in over a year now, so this truly helped! Thank you for this meditation!


Ray, Olympia, WA

Love love love. Play it numerous times a day to calm anxiety and a racing heart.


Julie, Nelson, New Zealand


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A note to INSIGHT TIMER users: Most of my meditations on the Insight Timer App are free. A paid Membership gives you access to my 7-day course, “Grateful Muse: Unlocking Your Creative Calling” which more than 600 artists worldwide have downloaded so far. Here’s what Fungi in Bergen, Norway says about it:
What a wonderful course. It came just at the right time for me and helped to raise the vibration of my creativity. Karen has a lovely soothing voice and she speaks wisdom in such a beautiful poetic way. I really enjoyed this and truly value what you shared, thank you!