Just in time for spring (and autumn for those of you in the southern hemisphere), I offer my newest guided meditation, The Quickening and The Quieting.

The focus of our meditation today is the whole matter of creating which encompasses bringing in as well as releasing. In the northern hemisphere, spring has sprung and everything’s coming alive. A quickening of nature – human, animal, plant. Before guiding you in a meditation, I offer a riff on “quickening” as it pertains to art and creativity. The quickening as proof of life. The quickening of an idea. The quickening of an artistic impulse as another kind of divine creation. In the southern hemisphere, where you’re in the autumn of the year now, the “quieting” comes as the afterbirth. When you’ve gestated and birthed and loved and fledged your creation, afterwards comes the rest. You’re unwinding, inhaling, feeling your way into the spentness, reaping what you sowed.

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