Ars Intima

Founded in 2018, ARS INTIMA is my music label. Under its banner, I present my songs and performance art together with my collaborators as an intimate series of both live- and studio-recorded audio and video sessions.

At heart, I’m a ROOM singer.  While performing in concert halls with an ensemble or big band is a huge thrill, I delight most in the small. For the larger the space is, the less I feel the audience, and my audience is an essential part of what identifies me as a singer. As a chanteuse, I am not so much before an audience as I am in it, exchanging experiences, emotions, laughter and “Blickgeplänkel” (eye play). This is what it’s all about for me.

I live for the story songs that come from all over the world and from a variety of genre – classical, cabaret, jazz, blues, gospel, folk-rock, Fado. I desire to express through them all that I have found lovely, beautiful, bittersweet, ugly, desperate, burdened, riveting, inscrutable, sensual, and all too human in my time.

Stay tuned as I evolve and share my own original songs through this label, and on Soundcloud and YouTube.

Fin Alley Arts

2019 marked the 20th anniversary of my production company, FIN ALLEY ARTS, through which I’ve produced concerts and master classes, directed the work of the ensemble Kabarett Kollektif and produced the international cabaret festival Kabarett Fête.

It all started in 1999 when I was living in Austin and had just resigned as Facility Manager of Whole Foods Market HQ to pursue my singing career professionally. For five years I’d been singing on the side with my first partner on the keys, Larry Greenawalt. We delighted in performing European chanson and jazz standards as Das Kabarett in the restaurants and cafes willing to host us.  As our act gained traction, I began dreaming of having my own venue ~ small, sophisticated and still a bit darkly messy.

Fueled by the spirit of a new millennium, Fin (pronounced as in the French fin de siècle) would be its name. As luck would have it, a downtown theater came up for sale which my husband and I seriously entertained buying. Instead, we headed to New York City near where we were both raised and where a cabaret career could more easily be pursued. I formed my new production company, Fin Alley Arts Management, and gave it the mission to further the art of cabaret and Kleinkunst through live performance, recording projects, master classes, lectures and speaking engagements which it continues to do worldwide.

Fin is a recurring name on this website. In the world of visual art, where I’ve worked as a model for painters, filmmakers and photographers, Fin is my pseudonym. Salon Fin is my newest endeavor in the arts and may be the closest thing to my own club yet!

Fin Alley Arts