Workshop – “Stage Might: Harnessing Your Fear of Public Speaking”

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Though this event has passed, you can follow this link to WATCH THE CLASS as it happened on Zoom:


From Karen’s Stagecraft series ~

We all speak in public and yet public speaking is something most of us have never been taught. Most of us have a mortal fear of going before others to share information, open our hearts and use our bodies to communicate effectively.
Learning to surrender by stepping both into and away from your message is what makes for honest, persuasive and artful presentations. In this workshop, acclaimed singer-actress Karen Kohler shares her performance techniques and tools to help you relax on stage, expand your confidence, identify where your story-telling voice resonates most with your truth, and ladder up from fright to might. Topics from her methodology in stagecraft include Intention, Fear as Fuel, The Faculties of Observation and Empathy, Tapping the Universals, Self-Collection, Audience Rapport and more.

✔️ We’ll begin with an overview of what defines a stage in our current paradigm of live, virtual and hybrid forms of presentation, followed by a brief talk about the nature of fear particularly as it pertains to public speaking.

✔️ From there, we’ll launch into a free-write around memories and experiences of self-expression, such as the ones we’ve experienced in childhood, at school or family gatherings, in public forums, or as recently as at a team meeting here in the virtual realm. This will be followed by a visualization around Karen Kohler’s techniques of Playing Opposites, Taking Risks and Tapping the Universals and is designed to offer an alternate perspective on the lived and embodied experience.

✔️ We’ll have break-out rooms to share our experiences.

✔️ Next, we’ll choose a message with which to explore Intention, Fear as Fuel, Self-Collection and Audience Rapport. This will be followed by a guided visualization around how to universalize our message and own it, and how to best deliver it by understanding the true nature of the role of the audience.

✔️ We’ll again have break-out rooms to practice stepping up and expressing ourselves.

✔️ We’ll share out at the end and leave with a better understanding of our public speaking anxiety and self-doubt, and our general relationship with fear. We’ll take away tools we can use to access a deeper level of comfort with our messages, vocal instrument and connection with our audience by harnessing stage fright as an ally in our quest for honest, authentic self-expression.

* Life-long exercises you can use to access a deeper level of truth-telling in your presentations and story-telling.
* Techniques to harness your fear, befriend it and convert it into fuel.
* Tips for better posture that will facilitate relaxed breathing.
* Vocal awareness, dynamics and pacing that will enhance your presentation.
* Body language and gesture that will compliment your message rather than draw attention away from it.
* Greater confidence and enthusiasm.

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