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From Karen’s Stagecraft series ~

ROOM: The Great Big Art of the Small

Are you drawn to intimate performance art?
Do you have material in mind to bring to a cabaret room, open-mic or salon?
Do you find the technical aspects of performing in a club daunting, irrespective of its size?
Would you say that even your pop songs are art songs?

Stagecraft is the study of song interpretation and stage command as a context for experiencing self and life. Learning to master the art of performance is in itself a path to freedom. It is a continuous weaving of awareness and as the craft is undertaken and improved, the artist experiences greater and greater comfort and authenticity on-stage and creative possibilities both on-stage and off.

In her popular master classes and workshops, singer-actress Karen Kohler combines traditional theater techniques with storytelling and staging developed in over 25 years as an international singer-actress, director, producer and ensemble leader.

In this skills building class, we learn to harness the elements of performance and staging when delivering giant sentiments in intimate spaces.

First we focus on the main ingredients of your offering or act: the song and the spoken word (patter). Core concepts of the KOHLER METHOD that can help you fine-tune your offering in an intimate Room setting include: Carriage and Silhouette, Gesture, Taking Risks, Self-Collection, the Drama of Silence.

You’ll leave with tools of how to embody a big message in a small space, how to inhabit your body both in stillness and in motion, and how to command a room by accessing the power of connection to bring your audience to you and to themselves.

Next we turn our attention to the stage setting that frames our offering. Core concepts of the KOHLER METHOD include: Four Walls of Theater, Blocking & Movement, Self-Direction, Mic Technique, Audience Rapport. We’ll cover key elements of staging (lighting, sound, costume, props, furniture and equipment), as well as how to communicate with your on-stage and off-stage collaborators.

You’ll expand your awareness of the role that space plays in your artistry, and how sound, light and generosity as well as silence, darkness and simplicity work together in service to your unforgettable performance.


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