CROWN Cross-Generational Dialogue Among Women (virtual)

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BY INVITATION. This is CROWN‘s second virtual Cross-Generational Dialogue among Women, co-hosted by Karen Kohler and Christina Luchkiw. Cis-gendered elders and youth (aka crones and maidens) from a variety of countries and cultures gather together and dialogue around questions of selfhood, family, partnership, work, environment and purpose. This month our theme is “Serenity in the Storm” as we lean into our virtual circle for support, healing and wellness on all levels.

For more information, read about Crown’s Origin Story here.

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, the Dialogues are not open to the general public.  To participate in a Crown event or to host your own Crown Circle, contact Karen directly at with your interest as an elder (post-menopausal) or maiden (menstrual but not a mother (or not yet a mother).

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