Workshop – “BACKSTORY: Retrieving Your Childhood Artist

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From Karen’s Lifecraft series ~

What if you knew that you’re exactly in the right place in your artistry right now, and that all paths and detours have been artful and of service already. That’s right. You’re here because you’re ready to connect the threads of your life and own the artist you are and were born to be.

Karen created this workshop upon hearing from many people over the years about how their earliest artistic inclinations were discouraged, negatively judged and thwarted to varying degrees. She has felt the longing they still carry to follow their true nature.

In BACKSTORY we examine the beliefs imparted to us by our parents, teachers and culture at large about art, artists and the wisdom (or foolishness) of pursuing a life in the arts.

Those who love us often fear for us and for our wellbeing. There are endless stigmas around the pursuit of art as life’s work. The story of the starving artist has accompanied humankind for eons and is in need of rewriting! True wealth is firstly and lastly measured by how full the heart is.

In BACKSTORY we summon our feelings, share our stories and, in community, help each other reframe our beliefs. Imagine that by simply nurturing the artist in everyone, we might heal the world.


* Free writing techniques to bring you in contact with your earliest dreams and sense of your artistry.
* Exercises to practice sharing your personal tale and see its existing perfection.
* Tools to quiet the external noise and practice voicing your truth.
* Role play exercises to expand your storytelling skills and strengthen your empathy and forgiveness muscles.
* Meditation practices for attuning to your voice and intuition at any stage of life.
* A community of fellow life artists that supports you unconditionally.

IMPORTANT: Students are requested to have a journal or notebook on hand for writing exercises.

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