Workshop – “GIVE IT UP!: Quit What You’re Doing for What Wants to Be Doing You”

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From Karen’s Lifecraft series ~

GIVE IT UP!: Quit What You’re Doing for What Wants to Be Doing You

We’re all born gifted and talented. It isn’t important when we follow our inner voice but that we follow it. Learning to trust ourselves is what much of this game of life is about. As we step onto our rightful path, we magically draw to us everything and everyone we need for our journey. The trick is in learning to listen closely, examine deeply, and be willing to move off center again and again. Your inner guide is who is being born, nurtured and tested here.

GIVE IT UP! is for those of us ready to experience alignment, whether it’s for the very first time, or at this moment in time. Living your authentic life is precisely about enduring stretches of doubt, confusion and even heartbreak for the sake of a greater truth or clarity. It’s precisely because the choice is difficult that makes it so valuable and personal, no matter the outcome which can’t be known in advance. It’s the “leap-of-faith” muscle that you are training here.

Balancing the voices outside of you is among the key steps in developing an ear for the inner voice that is your intuition and in-born wisdom. Karen will share stories from her own life of when she has stood at the crossroad of two very significant (and in their way positive) opportunities and how she learned to make her no-regrets life choice. As in all of her Lifecraft training, Karen will guide you in witnessing your inner critic, sifting through the stories and rationale influencing your choices and enlisting your servant forces (fear, doubt, anxiety) as advocates along your authentic path.

Honoring and following your inner voice (and inner call) is the goal. Under Karen’s guidance, you’ll begin to access a deeper sense for what that voice is communicating to you. You’ll unpack some preconceptions and unravel some myths around what may be holding you back in being who you were born to be and doing what you most want to do.

* A new outlook on true professional fulfillment and bliss.
* Tools to claim the creator in you, and master architect of your life.
* Exercises for self-examination of your goals and dreams.
* A buddy, if you so choose, to help you stay on course and course-correct.
* A nurturing community that supports your growth.

IMPORTANT: Students are requested to bring a journal or notebook for writing exercises.

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