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Workshop for (virtual)

NY, United States

From Karen's Stagecraft series ~ ROOM: The Great Big Art of the Small Are you drawn to intimate performance art? Do you have material in mind to bring to a cabaret room, open-mic or salon? Do you find the technical aspects of performing in a club daunting, irrespective of its size? Would you say that even your pop songs are [...]

LIVE EVENT: New Year’s Global Artist Heart Circle (virtual)

BY INVITATION. Crown Circle is a cross-generational dialogue between youth and elderwomen from a variety of countries, cultures and identification across the feminine sisgender spectrum. Founded in 2018 by Karen Kohler, its aim is to create a space for women at the polar ends of the adult feminine life cycle to sit down together and dialogue around questions of selfhood, family, partnership, work and purpose. Read more at Contact us at with questions.

Workshop – “Stage Might: Harnessing Your Fear of Public Speaking”

University of Arizona - Kiva Ballroom Tucson, AZ, United States

Though this event has passed, you can follow this link to WATCH THE CLASS as it happened on Zoom:   From Karen's Stagecraft series ~ ABOUT THIS VIRTUAL WORKSHOP We all speak in public and yet public speaking is something most of us have never been taught. Most of us have a mortal fear of going before others to [...]


Presenter, Science of Consciousness Conference 2022

University of Arizona - Kiva Ballroom Tucson, AZ, United States

I'm honored to present my monologue, Songs, Psychedelics and Seizures: A One-Woman Flow at the Science of Consciousness Conference 2022. Sponsored by the University of Arizona in Tucson (my alma mater), this year's program includes such consciousness studies leaders as Roger Penrose, Dennis McKenna, Robin Carhart-Harris, Katrin Preller, Christof Koch, Elizabeth Krasnoff and Deepak Chopra. I've chosen a topic, Flow, with [...]

Workshop – “Walk of Life: A Month of Memoir Writing & Storytelling” (Mondays in August)

Godnick Adult Center 1 Deer Street, Rutland, VT

From Karen's Lifecraft series ~ ABOUT THIS WORKSHOP This experiential series combines memoir writing with spoken word storytelling. We welcome folks of various ages who want to dip into the ocean of their experience and pull up pearls of wisdom using a variety of storytelling techniques like journaling, free writing, and dialoguing in partnership, small and large group contexts. Week [...]


Karen Kohler sings Kurt Weill at Lincoln Center in October

Rose Hall at Lincoln Center Broadway & W 60th St, New York, New York, United States

On Tuesday, OCTOBER 17, 2023 at 6pm, I'll be returning to Rose Hall at Lincoln Center for the opening night of the Mabel Mercer Cabaret Convention and our enticing evening honoring a German-American master composer in, "Speak Low: The Music of Kurt Weill." Stay tuned for details about my newest arrangement of Weill's classic Bilbao Song (with lyrics by Bertholt [...]

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