Workshop – “Stage Might: Harnessing Your Fear of Public Speaking”

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From Karen's StageKraft series ~ ABOUT THIS VIRTUAL WORKSHOP We all speak in public and yet public speaking is something most of us have never been taught. Most of us have a mortal fear of going before others to share information, open our hearts and use our bodies to communicate effectively. Learning to surrender by stepping both into and away [...]

Workshop for (virtual)

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From Karen's StageKraft series ~ ROOM: The Great Big Art of the Small Are you drawn to intimate performance art? Do you have material in mind to bring to a cabaret room, open-mic or salon? Do you find the technical aspects of performing in a club daunting, irrespective of its size? Would you say that even your pop songs are [...]

Workshop – “BACKSTORY: Retrieving Your Childhood Artist

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From Karen's LifeKraft series ~ ABOUT THIS VIRTUAL WORKSHOP What if you knew that you’re exactly in the right place in your artistry right now, and that all paths and detours have been artful and of service already. That’s right. You’re here because you’re ready to connect the threads of your life and own the artist you are and were [...]

Workshop – “GIVE IT UP!: Quit What You’re Doing for What Wants to Be Doing You”

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From Karen's LifeKraft series ~ GIVE IT UP!: Quit What You’re Doing for What Wants to Be Doing You ABOUT THIS WORKSHOP We’re all born gifted and talented. It isn’t important when we follow our inner voice but that we follow it. Learning to trust ourselves is what much of this game of life is about. As we step onto [...]

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