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LIVE EVENT: New Year’s Global Artist Heart Circle (virtual)

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BY INVITATION. Crown Circle is a cross-generational dialogue between youth and elderwomen from a variety of countries, cultures and identification across the feminine sisgender spectrum. Founded in 2018 by Karen Kohler, its aim is to create a space for women at the polar ends of the adult feminine life cycle to sit down together and dialogue around questions of selfhood, family, partnership, work and purpose. Read more at Contact us at with questions.

LIVE EVENT: New Year’s Global Artist Heart Circle

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Greetings Artists! I'm stoked to be hosting my first Live Event on Insight Timer:  New Year's Global Artist Heart Circle will take place on Saturday, January 15 at 2:30EST. For those of you as yet unfamiliar with Insight Timer, it's a popular app for meditators, seekers and adventurers of all stripes to which I've been subscribed as a student [...]

Pray It Open

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Welcome to my newest guided meditation, Pray It Open. We've come again to the still point of a turning world. Another year, season, chapter, era ending. This has been a year of bewilderment and awe owing to a mysterious visitor and the new reality it has brought with it. Knowing that we share this experience globally is freeing. There [...]