Welcome to my newest guided meditation, At Home in the Transition.

Home is in-born, it’s instinct. It’s a place, a memory, a feeling, a whiff of belonging that can grow into a real longing for one’s own, for one’s people, for people period. Inside this pandemic, we haven’t had the reflections of the “home” that’s inside us and that we’re accustomed to. The recognition, the affirmation. The sense of home and of standing. Personal standing. Of place and of purpose.

I’ve discovered that the transition too is a home-state. It provides touch-points and anchors amidst the swirl of movement, upheaval and breathlessness. Even in a fugue state there are glimpses of great clarity and closure.

This meditation begins with thoughts on the nature, meaning and location of home that have come to me as I’ve been in the midst of a major life transition in which I changed homes. The last 2 minutes will be a silent meditation for you and I together that will end with a chime.

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