Welcome to my newest guided meditation, Body As Instrument.

Our body is an instrument. How we tune it, use it and care for it, what we put into it and everything we incorporate becomes part of our life story.

In our practice today, we bring awareness to the body as it stands in service to art. Being comfortable in our own skin enables us to embody our songs and words, our movements and gestures, our stillness and silence with beauty and grace.

Our body is the vessel through which we channel our message. We learn it like an instrument so we can free it – the message. Like a song that guides us in how it wants to be sung, our body guides us in how it wants to be played. We strive for ever greater openness and fluidity so that all the inner life we cultivate can come forth. It’s our inner life that connects us with the world.

Our body is the physical manifestation of our thoughts and feelings. We aim to keep these pure, kind and true as we use our body for the many roles we choose to play in life. Aligning our inner and outer selves is the great adventure of life. It is our duty to ourselves.

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