On this Holocaust Remembrance Day, Noa Levy and I offer Deutschlandlied-Hatikvah, our reimagining of the German and Israeli National Anthems performed acapella as the closing piece of our show “The Home I Love.” Our concert was sponsored by the German Consulate of San Francisco and presented at Temple Emanuel-El on June 7, 2017. One day we’ll sing it live for you again, remembering that all wounds can heal and all hearts can be brought together in common purpose.


Hatikvah (music: Samuel Cohen, lyrics: Paul Ben-Haim)
Deutschlandlied (music: Joseph Haydn, lyrics: August v. Fallersleben)*

Special thanks to:
Stefan Schlueter, German Consul General
Rabbi Moshe Levin, Temple Emanu-El
Tracy Stark, musical director/pianist

Note: The third verse of “Deutschlandlied” by poet August v. Fallersleben, “Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit” (“Unity and Justice and Freedom”) was adopted as the national anthem of West Germany after World War II and of the unified Germany in 1990.