I sing you a song of winter.
Of withdrawal and retreat.
The seeds that we planted in the fall are frozen in the earth.
Safe from the winds that would scatter and destroy them.

The path is deepening.
What stays, what goes.
What falls off in decay of the old, tired way.
What needs the tug of heartbreak to get it moving.

You are off to meet yourself.
Get clear, retrieve, let go.
And if you come back with more questions than answers.
It is right then. It is so.
The way is not paved with answers.

It is the questions that make a life.
And our learning to love the questions.

Wise one, you already know that everything you are is inside you.
Everything you believe you lack is at your feet, gleaming.
So give yourself a break. Let your eyes see.
All thousand of them.

Your passion needs you, that is all.
Your love needs you.
It has to be so, it cannot be turned back.
We all see it. We know the truth of you.

Look at what people are doing around you,
In getting to the heart of themselves.
That is your power. Your enduring gift to us all.
The days are hard but necessary,
For all the seeds stirring in the earth.

Look for signs of spring, Love.
Look for signs of Spring.

~ Karen Kohler