In the fall of 2014, Karen’s longtime cabaret pal and collaborator KT Sullivan, director of the Mabel Mercer Foundation in NYC, invited her to curate and direct a European offering as part of the Foundation’s annual cabaret festival. “Kabarett with a K ” was held at the Cutting Room on October 24, 2014 and featured many members of Karen’s decade-old and award-winning European cabaret troupe, Kabarett Kollektif. David F. Slone was cast as le conferencier, Daryl Kojak was on the keys. The rest of the players were: Frans Bloem (Holland), Jean Brassard (Canada), Alexis Fishman (Australia), Greta (France), Adrienne Haan (Germany), Arlo Hill (USA), Plume De Lune (USA), Karen Kohler (Germany), Heath Saunders (Australia) and Kim Smith (Australia).

A month later, Karen flew to Washington to sing two sold-out concerts at the Embassy of Luxembourg commemorating the Battle of the Bulge. This reunited her with her old friend, Jerome Barry, and his Embassy Series.

On December 3, 2015, Karen gathered the Kabarett Kollektif together for a centennial celebration of the life of Edith Piaf. “Little Sparrow: Kabarett Kollektif Sings Piaf” was held at the Duo Multicultural Arts Center with Rich Siegel on piano.