I proudly announce the launch of my podcast, The Rudewoke Sessions!

Find me in conversation with creatives of all kinds, getting inside the un-curated story of their lives to reveal the defining moment that changed everything and set them on their paths as passionate artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, activists, explorers and more.

Dennis McKenna on Rudewoke

We have to wake up before we can wise up! ~ Dennis McKenna

My first guest is also my friend, American ethnobotanist, lecturer and author, Dennis McKenna. We recorded our chat on February 12, 2020 in Brooklyn, NY just ahead of the global pandemic. April 2020 marks the 20th anniversary of Terence McKenna’s death and so it’s release is particularly timely.

The RudeWoke Sessions features the music of Tom Nazziola and Barry Hartglass, a tune called “Taj Mahop.”  Thanks for the support guys! And big thanks as always to my team at Fin Alley Arts, especially to Mac the Knife!

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