Oh mended bone
Oh key, oh throne
Oh sprawling land of in-betweens
Of yeses and of might-have-beens

At decade’s end I raise my glass
You were a kicker in the ass
I wipe the curses from my brow
You know I loved you anyhow

And from the threshold of regret
I say, screw you, I’m not through yet
I pack my bag, I make my bed
I glance behind, I glance ahead

No sooner is the salt tear dry
A new laughline adorns my eye
I strap my heel, I lip my stick
Goodbye to you, you little….trip.

We had a tumble that’s for sure
I’ve got the scars, I’ve got the lore
Another flight, another test
Another ballad in my chest

And with the ache of nevermores
I catch the scent of nonebefores
So long you 20-Teens say I
Let’s gather when the page is dry

Now clear the way, oh Lucky Grail
I shake you loose, my ponytail
The roar of Twenty sounds anew
Plenty to be, plenty to do!

~ K. Kohler 12/31/19