Having chosen this path, we get kicked in the stomach on a regular basis. It’s just the way it is when you take the chance of asking for something where you may be turned down or coldly rejected. If we didn’t know what those things felt like, then your singing and my writing wouldn’t be worth very much. ~ James Gavin

This time on The RudeWoke Sessions, I welcome acclaimed author and biographer James Gavin as my guest. We recorded our inspiring chat in winter of 2021 in Manhattan, discussing James’ life and career and his newest biography about British pop icon, George Michael, due out in June 2022.  This conversation is a veritable master class in the art of song interpretation from the perspective of a lover of singers and a singer. I hope you enjoy it and share it!

The RudeWoke Sessions features the music of Tom Nazziola and Barry Hartglass, a tune called “Taj Mahop.”  Thanks for the support guys! And big thanks as always to my team at Fin Alley Arts, especially to Mac the Knife!

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